Rheo-optics to characterize in-line polymer extrusion

Prof. S. Canevarolo Jr.

  (Universidade Federal de São Carlos, Brazil)

Low-dimensional amplitude-intrinsic material functions for nonlinear viscoelasticity

Prof. R. Ewoldt

  (University of Illinois, USA)

Advances in Large-Amplitude Oscillatory Shear Flow

Prof. A. J. Giacomin

  (University of Wisconsin – Madison, USA)

How do gels shear?

Prof. N. Wagner

  (University of Delaware, USA)

Interfacial rheology of biofilms associated with infectious disease

Prof. G. Fuller

  (Stanford University, USA)

Superposition rheometry: an old technique revived

Prof. J. Vermant

  (Leuven University, Belgium)


Invited Speakers

Round Table: Rheology in industry

Thursday, July 11

Andre Krell Pedro

Global Research & Development Manager


Marcelo Farah

Ciência de Polímeros, Unidade Poliolefinas

Braskem S.A.

Marcelo de A. Lima Gonçalves



Paola M. Lopes

Equipment application

Granolab do Brasil S. A.

Marcia Maria Favaro Ferrarezi

Development Engineer

3M Industrial Adhesives & Tapes